I will write
stuff here,
at a later
point in
time... CHU!
I will write various stuff here, at a later point in time... CHU!
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[06 Nov 2003|09:34am]
[ mood | happy ]

Well I'm doing wonderful today! :) I'm out of the depressed 3 day hole I was in, *WHEW* I'm glad thats over with! And now I'm back to my chipper happy creative self!!! hee hee.....I don't know if it was pms or the depression I have but WOW it was bad. I totally broke down last night, and called my best friend Amy in Santa Rosa, and she made me feel better. In this whole world, shes the person that comes closest to understanding me. She's been thru alot of shit with me, and I'm glad shes moving back to Bakersfield thats for sure. Now i'll have someone to go thrift store shopping with. Work is MAD busy today, and My hair is like so punk rock today, even though Chad said it looked like I stuck my hand in a light socket and Jana Said I have BIG flared up peacock style, and looked rockin. I'm WAY to obsessed with hair and fashion! lol...This xmas I want to at least get xmas cards for all my live journal friends and send them all out, I won't have money to get any gifts this year for anyone probably :( But at least I can send everyone cards to show how much I luv em!! :)

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