I will write
stuff here,
at a later
point in
time... CHU!
I will write various stuff here, at a later point in time... CHU!
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[07 Nov 2003|04:13pm]
If YOU <3 Me, you'll TAKE this!

Take the survey if your my friend! And cause I'm bored!

1. What do you think of me?
2. On a Scale from 1 -10, how nice am I to you?
3. Do I seem Caring?
4. Outgoing or shy?
5. Funny or serious?
6. Sweet or mean?
7. Singing, or Dancing?
8. Colorful or gray?
9. Smart or stupid?
10. Faithful or Faithless?
11. Goody-goody, naughty-naughty, or in between?
12. Weird or gifted?
13. Which Celebrity is most like me?
14. Do you like being friends with me?
15. Do you think about me when you're online?
16. What's my nickname?
17. Dark or a bright person?
18. Do you consider me one of your good friends?
19. How would you describe me to someone else?
20. Cheater or Loyal?
21. Guy-Crazed or Girl-crazed or laid-back?
22. Sk8er or Preppy?
23. Chatty or quiet?
24. Do you think I'm ugly, OK, cute, or HOT?
25. What's your prediction for my future?
26. Internet junkie or writing freak?
27. Poetic or logical?
28. Annoyingly hyper or cutely hyper?
29. Do u ever think of me off-line?
30. Will we be friends in the future?
31. Would u ever take a bullet for me?
32. A kind of person u would ever date?
33. Would u stick up for me in a fight?
34. Partier, semi-Partier, or party pooper? -
35. Lovable, likable, or I hate u?
36. Would u ever give ur phone number 2 me?
37. Have you ever talked behind my back?
38. Do u consider yourself a city slicker or a country hick?
39. Do u consider me a city slicker or a country hick?
40. Did you enjoy this survey at all? ^_^

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