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rainbowgirlie's Journal

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I like rock n roll, fashion, and music. Everything else I like to I just don't want to write it all down here!
4 non blondes, 80's, 80's music, adidas, angelina jolie, bdsm, being straight edge, bisexual, bisexuality, biting, bme, body modification, body mods, bondage, boots, boys, breakbeats, breaks, breats, buddhism, candles, casualities, chaos, chaos punk, clothing design, clubbing, clubs, collage art, computers, concerts, cutting, cyberdog, dancing, dashboard confessional, depression, diabetes, diabetes mellitus, dice, disneyland, domination, drum n bass, electronic music, emo, emo music, erotic, fantasies, fashion, fashion design, fashion designers, fetish, fetish clothing, fetish models, fetish photography, fetishes, fishnets, freaks, ganguro girls, gia, glam, goth boys, goth girls, goth/industrial music, gothic lolita fashion, hairdye, handcuffs, hot air balloon rides, hot rods, house, hunter s. thompson, japanese culture, japanese fashion, japanese street fashion, jungle, kinky, kissing boys, kissing girls, kogal fashion, leg warmers, lesbians, makeup, masuimi max, meditation, mental hospitals, modeling, mohawks, mosh pits, nirvana, obsessive compulsive disorder, ocd, oral sex, parties, passion, photography, piercings, pin-up girls, platform boots, platform shoes, play piercings, punk girls, rainbow bright, rainbows, raves, raving, riot girl, rough sex, scars, sewing, sex, shannon sossamon, shoes, something corporate, strawberry shortcake, sublime, suicide, suicide girls, suspensions, tattoos, thrift store shopping, tights, trance, truth or dare, type 1 diabetes, uk jungle, unity, venice beach, vintage clothing, vinyl, where the buffalo roam, www.bmezine.com

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